The day has finally arrived! You've completed your courses and passed your state exam. You might even have landed your first job! How exciting!

But wait…are you really ready? Now what? What's the next step?

How do you cross over from being a newbie nail tech to a much sought after nail professional?Next Step Nails teaching classes

Soon after passing her Wisconsin State boards and receiving her Manicurists License, Sharon Frenz was in the same position. She had a license to work and not much experience. In a Midwest town with a population of 8000, there were few working nail techs and only one or two were willing to help her out. Post school nail training required extensive travel and time away from her family and her job. The only classes she could find were in other cities and not near where she lived. That's when Sharon decided that, when she had honed her skills enough, she would share her expertise and help other professionals in smaller markets become the nail professional that every woman wants to do their nails!

Several years later, with a successful nail business and countless nail education classes under her belt, Sharon has fulfilled her dream. Based in Tomah, Wisconsin, Sharon offers nail workshops to the technicians around the Midwest Area. When classes get too big for the spacious salon training area, they use local hotel conference rooms.Next Step Nails Training offers affordable workshops in her professional facility that will help licensed beauty professionals build confidence in their skills and be ready to make their dreams come true!


Our mission is to help and encourage new and currently licensed nail technicians and cosmetologists to advance their nail skills, explore new nail and artistic techniques and learn ways to increase their revenue.

Sharon Frenz of Next Step Nails teaching classesWith topics like Mastering Basic Acrylic and Mastering Basic Gel techniques, e-file certification, quick and easy hand painted nail art, reverse application, color theory, 3d art, advanced nail shapes, business skills and much more, licensed professionals will be well on their way to taking that next step in their career! From the basics to advanced techniques, Sharon will take class attendees step by step into into the salon setting. Building upon previous Next Step Nails training workshops, Sharon helps fine tune the student's skills. Because the classes are small, she gives individual attention to each attendee. Throughout the year, visiting and guest nail artists will be scheduled to bring the latest trends and techniques to the Midwest.

Sharon also travels to other areas in the Midwest and will teach workshops with 10 or more pre-paid attendees. Flexible scheduling is available.


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