On the Road to the NENE Event!

Sharon Frenz, Master Educator and Distributor of Elite Beauty Supplies will be at NENE (New England Nail Networking Event) to demonstrate and offer hands on trials of easy to use and beautiful Elite Beauty Supplies Products.


She will demonstrate Elite's popular gel system including Design Gel, Power Gel, Power Build, Design Gel Soak Off, Crystal Shine and Matte Top Coat. Sharon will also demonstrate the easiest to use acrylic system.


Elite has the most beautiful cover pinks, non-marbling white, crystal clear and crystal pink. A variety of nail liquids are available to be used according to your personal and salon needs. E-Link, Elite's Super Bonder will also be available. If you have trouble with lifting, E-Link is for you!


With perfect nail preparation, you will find that E-Link will eliminate 90% of all lifting problems. Can't make up your mind? Trial kits for gel and acrylic will also be available for purchase. Elite has some of the most beautiful glitters in the industry! Sharon will have the full line for sale. She will also show how to mix and use them for beautiful nail creations.


Sharon will be teaching two “Creative Techniques” classes with Elite products. In the morning, Sharon will show you how to use Elite gel paints to marbleize, scroll, foil and create beautiful and easy nail designs that will increase your service sales.


This is a class you will not want to miss! You will receive an Elite detail brush to take home and continue creating beautiful designs- $65.


In the afternoon, Sharon will teach you how to do the reverse application in acrylic. Elite acrylic is non-ratio sensitive, so you can get the crispest smile lines and smooth cuticle areas. She will use Elite glitters and pigments to show you how to design beautiful nails your clients will love! You will also be able to custom blend your own glitter color to take home. Take your nail expertise to the next level! $65.


Sign up for both classes for only $120 Go to www.nextstepnails.com to register!